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SBR Raptor V Muzzle Brake (223/556)
  • SBR Raptor V Muzzle Brake (223/556)

    SKU: 223-556-SBR

    The Raptor V Muzzle Brake is the finest recoil compensator on the market. Using dual expansion nozzle chambers, the Raptor V eliminates recoil motion. This unique, patented design allows for the greatest reduction in felt recoil. The SBR brake is built to reduce percussion or "blow back" for a short barrel configuration. 


    For competitive marksman, this will improve follow-up shot time, while allowing you to keep your eyes locked on the target.  The Raptor V Muzzle Brake is an excellent tool to increase consistency and help become more accurate. 

    Caliber: 223/556



    *Minimum recomended barrel length - 10.5".*


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