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Raptor VS - QD Ring
  • Raptor VS - QD Ring


    Match up the Raptor VS Muzzle Brake with your favorite suppressor to silence your shooting! Novalite's reliable taper and thread system ensures your suppressor remains secure, and aligned straight, throughout any combat scenario.  This design utilizes left handed threads to quickly attach and detach your suppressor with ease.  The Quick Detach (Q.D.) Suppressor Attaching Device (S.A.D.)  allows compatibility between the Raptor VS and the Universal Hub 1.375"X 24 TPI.


    Muzzle Brake benefits:  The Novalite Arms proprietary expansion nozzles allow for the greatest recoil reduction on the market. Our strong, light weight design gives you maximum performance within a compact Muzzle Brake. Competitive marksman will enjoy the benefits of improved follow-up shot time. Reduced recoil allows you to keep your eyes focused down range while you watch each shot hit the target. The Raptor VS Muzzle Brake is an excellent tool to increase consistency, and accuracy.



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