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 Raptor V

The Raptor V Muzzle Brake by Novalite is the highest performing recoil compensator on the market.  With industry leading recoil reduction, the Raptor V  nozzle system instills confidence in marksman of all skill levels. 

Designed after a Jet exhaust nozzle, the Raptor V utilizes dual expansion chambers. These expanding nozzles allow the barrel of the firearm to stay nearly motionless,  because the force of the gasses leaving the side nozzles, balances out the force of recoil generated towards the shooter.  

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Competitive marksmen will benefit from improved follow-up shot speed, while easily maintaining visual focus on the target.  Proprietary self-spotting action allows the marksman to watch each shots hit the target.  The Raptor V Muzzle Brake is an excellent tool to increase consistency and help become more accurate

Muzzle Brakes are commonly used to help young men and women as they learn to safely handle and operate a firearm.  The outstanding recoil mitigation provided by the Raptor V, allows the marksman to comfortably shoot for longer periods of time without shoulder soreness.  Add the Raptor V Muzzle Brake to your arsenal to take your shooting to the next level. 

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